Funeral services

OfissFuneral agency „Teika” offers:

       • Daily (00-24) transportation of the deceased to the morgue.

       • The storage, special treatment, clothing and coffining.

       • Transportation of the deceased in Latvia, EU and CIS.

       • Formation of all the required documents and aids for the funeral.

       • Organization of the cremation.

       • Coordination of the date and time of the funeral.

       • Representatives of all confessions.

       • Funeral music.

       • Funeral accessories.     

       • Coffin carrier services.

       • Hearse and transport rent.

       • Grave digging, decoration and exhumation.

       • Organization of the funeral feast.

       • Funeral floristry.

       • Space cleaning and disinfection services.

       • Grave tending, improvement and design development.